‘Uninvited’ Available NOW in Home from Ghost Orchid Press

Hello lovely,

I arrive offering more good news for February! Ghost Orchid Press have just released their Hundred Word Horror Anthology, based on the theme of Home.

One hundred stories and poems. One hundred words each. Contributed by a diverse group of authors from across the globe, these tiny terrors run the full gamut of horror, from body horror and blood-curdling fear to atmospheric, lyrical Gothic tales. You’ll find haunted houses, burrowing parasites and suburban nightmares aplenty to delight, amuse and shock—all in an easy bitesize format.

I have a very small story included here called Uninvited. My contribution was actually inspired by a bit of an inside joke that ended up becoming genuinely creepy as we progressed. Alas, I cannot say much without spoiling my bite-sized horror piece, but all I will say is this: sometimes even locks are useless.

You can find a whole bunch of other stories and poems inside. Seriously. There’s like, a million contributing authors. This fabulous TOC is as follows:

Abi Marie Palmer, Alanna Robertson-Webb, Alec Thompson, Alexis DuBon, Alison Whittenberg, Amanda Crum, Anjali Patel, Antonia Rachel Ward, Ashley Van Elswyk, Benjamin Bateman, Benjamin Gardner, Biswajit Ganguly, Blaise Langlois, Blen Mesfin, C.M. Saunders, Caitlin Marceau, Cara Mast Murray, Cody Mower, Collin Yeoh, Corey Farrenkopf, Demi-Louise Blackburn, doungjai gam, E.C. Hanson, Electra Rhodes, Elle Jauffret, Emilian Wojnowski, Emma K. Leadley, Emma Kathryn, Fusako Ohki, Georgia Cook, Gordon B. White, Gordon Dunleavy, Gus Wood, H.B. Diaz, Isaac Menuza, J.M. Faulkner, J.R. Handfield, Jacek Wilkos, Joe Scipione, John Lane, Julio Rainion, K.J. Watson, K.M. Bennett, Kathleen Allen, Kati Lokadottir, Keely O’Shaughnessy, Kyle Winkler, Laura Shenton, Lilly Tupa, Lindsay King-Miller, Lumen Ros, Madison LaTurner, Maribel Quijano, Mary Daurio, Mary Rajotte, Matthew McNichols, Meera Dandekar, Micah Castle, Michael Anthony Dioguardi, Michael Colbert, Nicola Kapron, Patricia Elliot, Patrick Barb, Petina Strohmer, Rickey Rivers Jr., Sarah Jackson, Sarah McPherson, Sean Ferrell, Serena Jayne, Shannon Walker, Shelby Dollar, Steve Neal, Steven Lombardi, Taylor DePrince, Thomas Sturgeon Jr., Tiffany Michelle Brown, Tonia Markou, Toshiya Kamei, Tyler Norton, Umiyuri Katsuyama, Varian Ross, Violet James, Wolf Weston, Yukari Kousaka, Zoe DeVoe…

Edited by A. R. Ward.

Many thanks to Ghost Orchid Press for giving my teeny tiny story a chance. The anthology is available to buy NOW in both ebook and paperback formats.

Get your copy HERE.

Take care.

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