Hex-Periments | OUT NOW

Hello, my lovely little experiments.

Hex-Periments, A Dark Biotech Anthology is now LIVE.

My quiet horror piece What the Waves Return, a tale yet again indulging in my fascination with ocean dwellers, will be hiding somewhere in these pages, surrounded by other fantastic stories.

When dark science and mal-intent splice with the otherworldly, such hex-periments emerge from their embryonic state to unleash horror on an unsuspecting world.

These fourteen tales explore the consequences of man’s intervention when propelled by a dark agenda. With an introduction by¬†C J Tudor, this charity anthology will help the homeless with every penny going towards that cause.

Contributing authors as follows: Keith Anthony Baird – Ross Jeffery – Eyglo Karlsdottir – Sarah J Huntington – Dave Jeffery – Kev Harrison – Paul Kane – William Meikle – Villimey Mist – David Sodergren – Denis Bushlatov – Tracy Fahey – Anthony Self – Demi-Louise Blackburn

You will not want to miss it, especially considering all proceeds will be going directly to charity.

Grab a copy HERE.

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