Demi-Louise Blackburn is a dark fiction author from a small, tired town in West Yorkshire, England. Some of her morose tales have found homes with the likes of Kandisha Press, All Worlds Wayfarer, Ghost Orchid Press, and The Future Dead Collective.

At the beginning of a new project, she silently gives thanks to her old tutors and their inability to raise eyebrows at stories such as ‘The Death Rattle‘, or the nauseating ‘Black Tar Baby‘. May their uncanny understanding of ‘the weird kids’ never dull.

In spring, you may spot the shadow of Demi around the riverbanks of her home, at a festival during summer, or holed away painting during the cooler months. But mostly, you’ll find her skulking online, collecting questionable and potentially haunted knickknacks for her office, which is lovingly dubbed ‘The Smile Room’.

For further inquiries, find her at demi-louise.com or contact@demi-louise.com

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