Demi-Louise Blackburn is a dark fiction author from a small town in West Yorkshire, England.

Her work often explores the external and internal challenges of mental health, whilst also indulging in her soft spot for the horror genre, ensuring many of her protagonists fight dual monsters. Demi draws heavily from family and the town in which she lives for inspiration with characters and locations, most often working class and nestled amid the coal mining industry, respectively. Metamorphosis, or a lack thereof, features frequently in her short stories. Demi openly admits struggles within her own life have inspired, or driven, most of her projects over the years.

Demi studied English Literature at college and signed on for a Creative Writing module during her Sociology degree at Leeds University. After graduating and settling into administration, writing soon became a constant source of enjoyment and escape. With support from friends and family, Demi began sending work out for publication in 2020.

Since then, some of her short stories have found homes with Kandisha Press, All Worlds Wayfarer and Ghost Orchid Press. She continues to chip away at numerous projects.

If not writing, you can most likely find Demi dabbling in art or a crafts project to keep her mind quiet. She enjoys wildlife documentaries, true crime podcasts, and collecting taxidermy insects. In the summer, you might catch sight of her at a music festival, out at the coast, or taking a walk down the rivers surrounding her hometown.

For further inquiries, you can contact her at the following email address: contact@demi-louise.com


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