Welcome to Your Body: Lessons in Evisceration

Each limb tells a story. Every organ shares a secret.

Have you brushed up on your anatomy lately?

As always, I am unfashionably late and constantly waylaid when trying to update anything, anywhere. But in May, Welcome to Your Body: Lessons in Evisceration was pulled from the viscera and put under the microscope to inform us all of just how frightening our own bodies can be.

Each author examines their specific body part in a trickle down layout from head to toe, complete with an array of grotesque diagrams. The cover alone conveys volumes (I still can’t get over how stunning it is, I don’t care if you find it icky, admit it’s beautiful.)

But if there’s one thing to take away, it’s that this was a wonderful project to be included in, with a lot of different voices, themes, and takes on just what body horror can mean.

Pick up a copy HERE


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