‘Recall’ Available NOW on CaféLit

Hello lovely,

I managed to get my first bit of work featured over at CaféLit, a flash fiction piece titled Recall. I’d be incredibly grateful if you could give it a look here. And please do check out the website as a whole, it’s flooded with coffee-sized bits of work. Gill’s curated a wonderful variety of stories to slot into your busy day.

Whilst some pieces require quite a bit of labor and pouring over, I distinctly remember this piece being very much a spur of the moment, I-do-not-want-to-fiddle-with-this-too-much piece. It is, admittedly, messy, perhaps a little breathless, perhaps, also, a little bloated and dramatic. And, if you can’t guess, this is future Demi speaking.

Whilst my style has developed since, and my slightly more discerning eye winces at this piece now, I’m still fond of it. First, due to it marking my first publication outside of my own blog, but second, because I can still, almost two years on, remember entirely how I felt writing this, and why I wrote it. It captured a time in my life I felt entirely out of my head, like the people around me existed as phantoms, where I kept pushing away all the good in the world and reveled in doing so, almost, where I felt both afraid of others, and afraid of myself.

Take care.

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