Hello again!

Hope you guys have been doing well?

Another busy week has passed by. I snagged myself a beautiful typewriter and a couple of old cameras from eBay, and my dad managed to get the typewriter functional. Hoping we can get the polaroid camera in some sort of shape over the next few weeks as well.

Not going to lie. My short story is giving me absolute hell at the moment. No matter what progress I make, it’s like pulling teeth, and the structure which I thought I’d so meticulously planned has melted into dribbling goo. Probably didn’t help I wasn’t in the best spirits this weekend, so it felt a bit of a chore. I’ve been oddly tired and fuzzy in the head.

Still, I’ve re-outlined and will chug along this week and extend my own personal deadline for the first draft. No point getting in a tizz over it – it’ll get there. Plus, it’s sat at around 4k at the moment, so still not half bad going even if I’ll need to cut and fiddle about with a lot of scenes.

Finally, I read a couple of short, but great, books this week. Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca, and An Invitation to Darkness by Hailey Piper.

Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke details correspondence between two women from an online forum in the 2000’s, who strike up a relationship over the purchase of an antique apple peeler. What develops is a distressful series of emails and IM’s that unravel increasingly bizarre forms of depravity from both parties. Despite having some issues with the characters feeling somewhat flat, and some disconnect because of the format, I was incredibly fond of this read. Beautifully done as it is horrific. LaRocca’s style is infatuating, so I’ll definitely be reading more from him in the future.

After, I indulged in An Invitation to Darkness to lean away from LaRocca’s side of horror fiction for a moment. This gothic tale explores the relationship between Captain Jamie Thames and Elizabeth Leavenworth, and the horrors that reside within Leavenworth Manor. Admittedly, the quickly developed and heavily featured romance put me off at stages, but I think the last revelation of the true ‘monster’ of the manor drew it back for me. It felt well fleshed out for the pages there were.

That’s all from me this week, anyway. Wish me luck in finishing this short story draft soon. I refuse to let it rest until I can tag ‘The End’ onto it.

Take care.

Current reads
The Elementals by Michael McDowell
Paths Best Left Untrodden by Kev Harrison.
Immortelle by Catherine McCarthy [Awaiting Copy]

Current Projects
– Gentle, Subtle Things – moving backwards, unravelling the death of a mother, a house steeped in the scent of coal, lilies, and rot. 4,337 words.
– When They Call – coming of age, bad luck breeding in the belly of a coal mine, swallow your grief or die choking on it. 2,025 words.

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