14/01/21 – Acceptance & Interview

Hey everyone!

So, I got some wonderful news a few days ago. I got my first acceptance of 2021! Ghost Orchid Press have kindly accepted my very short story Uninvited for their Hundred Word Horror: Home anthology! I will check back in when I have more details regarding the publication date and where you can pick up this interesting anthology. It will be available in e-book and paperback format. Over the past few months, I’ve been really enjoying creating stories within restrictive word counts, so I’m also really excited to read the anthology when it comes out!

In other news, an interview I responded to went up earlier this week as Kandisha Press build-up to their third volume releasing! Paula Readman very kindly invited me over to her blog for a cuppa and a chat! You can find the interview here. I talked a little bit about why I was drawn to horror, what my writing schedule looks like, and a snippet or two about my writing process. I also highly recommend you go and check out Paula’s blog and pick up some of her work. She’s an incredibly dedicated and motivated author, and I, like many, appreciate the work she’s putting in to promote other authors with her interviews, too.

That’s all I have to report for the time being! Hope everyone is keeping well. Stay safe!

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