5th of December, 2020.

Just thought I’d bob in with a little update or two. I have some exciting news and some writing shenanigans to share!

First off, NaNoWriMo 2020 has been and gone, and I managed 81,060 words total!┬áMy WIP When They Call has been a novel idea I’ve had for years, but I kept stalling the project and putting it away for when I was ‘ready’. Every time I tried to write it, I started overthinking the project and felt like every paragraph I got down wasn’t doing the idea justice – and promptly gave up.

So, this year for NaNo, I told myself I would rush the first draft. I wouldn’t edit as I went on. Wouldn’t worry about plot holes or inconsistencies. I would write as much as I possibly could every single day and summarise each chapter as I went until the first draft was done. And I did! And it’s an absolute mess. However – I have a first draft now. I have the bare bones of an idea that’s been sat with me for years, and that feels far better than the scraps of drafts I had before.

My job for next year is to slowly begin rewriting/editing When They Call along with editing my novella Winner, Winner. Longer projects are very difficult for me given the free time I end up with, but I’m determined to keep chipping away at them. Slow is better than not at all!

In other news, in 16 days All Worlds Wayfarer will be releasing the 7th issue of their speculative fiction magazine – and I’m honoured to have a little flash piece in there! The story is called Monster, a tale set at the bottom of the ocean, where a creature wakes up to find a submarine investigating its barren home. Quite bittersweet.

It started out as a late-night writing exercise but I was too fond of the idea to let it sit in the dark. I’m so happy I came across All Worlds Wayfarer soon after and they decided to give it a home. I would highly suggest you keep tabs on them, either as a reader or a potential contributor. I’ve read some brilliant pieces from their magazine, and I had such a good experience submitting my work with them.

Issue 7 goes live on the 21st of December – or you can preorder the Kindle version here. Purchasing the issue on Kindle supports the magazine’s future endeavours, and you will also get a bonus story by one of the editors! You can also find previous issues here.

And last – but certainly not least – I had the brilliant news that my story Call of the Tide has been accepted for publication with Kandisha Press! Volume 3: The One That Got Away will be out in February 2021 in time for Women in Horror Month – and has an astounding line up (as always!)

My piece, Call of the Tide, is a tale of dwindling love and uncanny obsession. Our main character, Maya, struggles to settle with the knowledge that her marriage isn’t faring well and feels trapped after moving to the coast for a fresh start. Rather than rebuild her relationship, Maya shuts herself away inside an art studio and paints as a form of escape. Then – song flutters through the window one morning. She paints, and paints, and paints – but there is no ignoring it. The call of the tide is far too strong.

It’s been a pleasure to have been accepted for another round. In the previous volume – Graveyard Smash – I had my first ever publication and it gave me such a tremendous confidence boost and motivated me so much. I can’t thank Jill enough for her support with women in horror, her boosting of lesser-known authors, and her infectious passion for the genre – honestly priceless in our community! Even outside of being a contributor to two of the volumes, I can’t wait to see what will be put out in future by Kandisha Press.

If you would like to read and review some of the previous volumes, you can find them here:

Volume One: Under Her Black Wings

Volume Two: Graveyard Smash

That’s it from me. I’ve had a very busy week at work (being in admin around the holidays is a nightmare) so I am going to make myself another coffee, play some Stardew, then settle down with a book and some story brainstorming later this evening.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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